Investor Communications
with LP Portal

For private capital investors and real estate investment firms who are seeking to improve their communication with investors and securely communicate investment information through an individualized portal channel.

Sonar Investor Relations is a management tool for sharing investor information, fund updates, K1s and other updates with limited partners. By using Sonar Investor Relations to engage limited partners in a regular cadence of updates, investors can improve and strengthen relationships with their LPs. It provides essential transparency and security for LPs and securely streamlines the communication process.

Limited partners receive a lot of information.
Are you efficiently and securely sending your limited partners their...?

  • Capital Calls
  • Return of Capital
  • K1s
  • Fund Updates
  • New Investments
  • Marketing

Securely Communicate With Your Limited Partners

Sonar Investor Relations

Sonar Investor Relations is specifically designed to simplify correspondence and improve workflow efficiency, letting you spend more time managing your investments as opposed to your investors.

  • Provide easy accessibility for your LPs with individual portals
  • Investment information backed up and always available
  • Fund management segmented by fund or by limited partner
  • Secure communication lines that are DOD compliant
  • Automated workflow
  • K1 automation and batch loading
  • Professional distribution that creates transparency for your firm