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The Complete Cap Table Management Solution

From the founding of your company to the exit, SmartCap functionality will manage all your rounds of financing and equity. SmartCap features Waterfalls, Option Management, What-if Analysis and more. With SmartCap as your cap table management solution you will always be sure of company ownership and be prepared for any changes in equity. No matter what your needs are, there is a SmartCap solution to fit you and your firm.

Which SmartCap Fits You?

per month
  • Know your Company Ownership
  • Easily Handle Options
  • Powerful Analysis Tools
Pro for Investors
per month
  • Manage Multiple Companies
  • Waterfall and What-if Calculations
  • Replace or Authenticate Spreadsheets

Other SmartCap Accounts Include:

SmartCap Deal Room
SmartCap Service Providers

Account Overviews

SmartCap Pro

SmartCap Pro is great for companies of all sizes. The SmartCap Pro cap table manages and organizes all company ownership details. Pro handles all types of equity with ease, manages options with a clear, streamlined process, stores financing details, legal documents and agreements, has powerful analysis tools, such as waterfall and what-if scenarios to help you prepare for financing and exits, and gives you an all-around complete, strategic vision of real company ownership.

SmartCap Pro for Investors

SmartCap Pro for Investors is a SaaS for cap tables made specifically made for Private Equity and Venture Capital firms. Pro for Investors allows you to quickly calculate waterfall and what-if scenarios and analyze which is best for your company ownership. View by holder to get a complete understanding of equity ownership when additional financing is potential. Pro for Investors also lets you manage multiple companies under a single login.

SmartCap Deal Room

SmartCap Deal Room is made for Companies that are going through an exit or a new round of financing. Deal Room provides all parties (the company itself, lawyers, investors, auditors, etc.) to have access into the most up-to-date, correct cap table. When the deal is over, the cap table can be closed or can lapse back into another SmartCap account. DocDep Services will cover one cap table input and 20 hours of a consultantís time for further edits and analysis.

SmartCap Service Providers

SmartCap SP is made for any service provider; consultants, lawyers, accountants, etc., that are tracking company ownership or are always preparing for their next deals. SP allows you to manage multiple companiesí cap table information, as well as give access to CFOs of each company to update their cap tables. Always be able to easily collect and share the most recent cap table data and store all legal documents right alongside the transaction!

SmartCap Basic

SmartCap Basic is made for Startups to get your cap table started off on the right foot. SmartCap Basic manages common stock, options, and convertible debt. We've also included the "what-if" calculator for when you are ready to start taking on some funding from investors! For additional assistance, check out how to Understand a Term Sheet.