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Due Diligence Overload?

DocDep Offers
Due Diligence Assistance

Investors and acquirers will perform due diligence during a financing/ funding or buying process. Gathering all necessary information and organizing all the documents required for due diligence is a very time-consuming endeavor, taking key management away from their tasks, and causing a ripple in the day-to-day activities, which in turn can effect growing the business. Another interruptive job is the actual delivery of due diligence materials to the potential acquirer or investor. The volume of documents is frequently quite high and physical delivery can be tedious and expensive, while email delivery also has its risks as materials can be intercepted or lost.

Diligence Gets Its' Due

DocDep offers a SaaS solution to make due diligence efforts faster, easier, and more secure. Radar is a cloud-based, secure, organized filing structure with granular access provisions. By using Radar from the beginning, you'll be ready due diligence at any point and be able to provide access to investors or acquirers to the information they need.

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