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Cap Table Problems?

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Cap Table Analysis Support

Measure Twice and Cut Once...

How confident are you in the accuracy of your cap table? With a DocDep Cap Table Analysis a CPA Consultant will work hand in hand with you to populate your cap table into SmartCap, review agreements and organize documents, double check calculations, and make sure you're moving forward with all the correct information. Get your cap tables out of spreadsheets and onto the solution that will help you track true ownership of your company.

SmartCap is a comprehensive SaaS solution to manage your company’s cap table from the founding to the exit. With your cap table in SmartCap you can fully comprehend company ownership and understand changes during new rounds of financing or exits.

“It is remarkable how many clients start using SmartCap and then find out that they too had errors in their spreadsheet-based cap tables.”

Farid Naib, CEO and Board Member

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