Case Studies

  • AlignAlytics logo

    Company Profile

    • Founded in 1995

    • Provider of business intelligence software that helps corporations manage risk and compliance

    • Co-founders Roland Mosimann and Dr. Richard Connelly have also co-authored a series of books, The Performance Manager Series, which outlines the company’s methodology


    Radar™ Case Study: AlignAlytics – Wilmington, DE

    For 15 years, AlignAlytics has provided companies with governance, risk, compliance, and performance management solutions. The company, which operates out of Wilmington, DE, offers software applications that structure the separate information about people, processes, systems and information within a company and then ties them together with strategies, risks, regulations, policies and performance goals into a unified database. This brings unparalleled enterprise visibility to an organization for enhanced performance management and risk mitigation, improving corporate governance, regulatory compliance, IT strategy and governance, and credit ratings.

    Organizational Challenges

    While AlignAlytics was adept at building systems to solve its clients’ problems, keeping its own communication and records structured and available proved to be a thorn in the side of every officer. Executives had to dig through their e-mail to find key corporate documents; board members had no easy way of communicating with each other or company management. AlignAlytics simply had no simple, central location where everyone could see the latest corporate documents, board materials, and pending events.

    Radar™ Puts Everything in Order

    AlignAlytics found a solution to its communication and record-keeping problems in Radar. The web-based software tool offered AlignAlytics a secure portal through which the company could maintain and share its key corporate documents, streamline communication among company officers, and build a master calendar of corporate events. AlignAlytics used Radar to keep board members informed about the company’s latest activities and share important files among its executives. In addition, Radar is compliant with Department of Defense requirements for online security with advanced encryption and recovery systems. This gave the leadership the peace of mind and the confidence to pursue new business more aggressively, assured that their own business was on firm footing.

  • RCP logo

    Company Profile

    • Founded in 1992

    • Over $330 million of real estate loans and equity capital invested

    • Diverse portfolio of real estate investments located across 13 states

    • Offices in 5 locations, including the United Kingdom


    Sonar™ Case Study: Realty Capital Partners, LLC – Dallas, TX

    Running a private real estate investment firm that manages over 120 investment partnerships and a network of 1,500 investors requires superior organization to keep track of all the related investment information and paperwork.

    Communication Overload

    Since its inception in 1992, Realty Capital Partners (RCP) had amassed thousands of documents as it continued to sponsor new real estate investment opportunities and grow its investor base. While the company had a highly-customized, proprietary investment management system that it had developed over the years to store documents and streamline the investment process, it did not have the ability to provide its investors with up-to-date, personalized investment information securely and conveniently via the internet. The company relied on email to disseminate investment information, as well as regular mail, which could be very costly and time-consuming.

    One example of this was during the annual tax season, when RCP had to distribute thousands of tax documents (over 9,000 documents in 2010) to its investors. While the company’s proprietary system automatically printed and emailed a large portion of these documents, the company still had to rely on its staff to send many of them through the regular mail. Accordingly, RCP wanted a way to provide its investors with a more immediate and secure method to access their tax documents.

    Sonar™ Puts Everything in Order

    RCP found such a solution with DocDep’s Sonar, which it implemented just prior to the start of the 2010 tax season. Upon launching the system, RCP’s investors received personalized login information to the website along with the ability to grant account access to other individuals, including personal accountants, financial advisors, and/or other family members. Investors could then go to Sonar’s “Portfolio” page to see a list of their investments or to the “Communications” page to view information related to these investments, such as tax documents, project updates and property photos. Most importantly, the company was able to distribute all 9,000 tax documents for the 2010 tax year in a more secure and timely manner than in past years.