Valuations: Why your fund needs a cloud-based solution

Investment firms have the daunting task of not only making good investments, finding the winners and passing on the losers. They need to accurately reflect the value of their investments as well. What’s more, firms need to roll up multiple valuations across an entire fund, add in fee’s and dividends, and project the value of the entire fund. But with several investments in a fund, all with different waterfalls, securities, and ownerships amounts, this can be overwhelming. That is precisely why an automated, cloud-based solution is the best.


Valuations in one place

Forget managing several different spreadsheets, using a cloud-based solution allows firms to quickly aggregate several waterfalls into a fund valuation. Best yet, updated valuations can be easily shared with auditors and advisors. Also, all your individual valuations are in one place, available for access by your entire team, which will make your quarterly updates a breeze.

Check out SmartCap to learn more about how you can streamline your valuation process.

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