Cap Table Management: Stop Relying On Spreadsheets

When you start a new company, you need a simple and easy way to keep track of that business’s ownership. Many companies still rely on spreadsheets to manage their cap table. The reality is that spreadsheets are acceptable very early on, but more sophisticated methods are needed once a business raises capital. As your company grows, a number of things will occur that are sure to complicate your cap table. Fundraising will create new securities and options will likely be allocated to new employees. Additionally, you may need to run what-if analysis to decide on additional funding rounds or even evaluate potential exit scenarios. Relying solely on spreadsheets is extremely time consuming and significantly increases the chance for error.

Why Document Management Systems Matter?

In this day and age, document management systems are vital for businesses looking to maintain a strong corporate governance in the rapidly changing workplace atmosphere. Unfortunately, many small businesses fail to make document retention a top priority. Instead, they spend countless hours searching for different documents through email folders, centralized drives, or online storage. These unnecessary efforts impede employee focus and distract businesses away from achieving their core goals.